Reserve Your Spot for Philmont 2017 by Jan 18, 2016

When:  July 26 - August 7, 2017. Expect departure from home to be on Mon, July 24 and our return home to be Mon, August 7. This will provide for an arrival at Philmont on Wed, July 26; on the trail Thu, July 27; off the trail on Sun, Aug 6; and a flight home on Mon, Aug 7.

Who Can Participate: We have plenty of room, however, 2017 Philmont participants must be 14 years of age (by July 24, 2017) OR completed the 8th grade and be at least 13 years of age by date of participation. Recommendation: While it is difficult to predict youth height/weight 20 months in advance, youth who might be expected to be under 5 feet tall and 100 lbs should consider waiting an additional year to participate.

Cost: Total $1,500-1,700 per person: $750 Philmont Fee, $450-650 airfare, $300+/- other expenses. The cost of personal equipment such as boots ($125-200), backpack ($250-300) and other clothing and gear is extra. $200 deposit (1/18/16); $250 (7/1/16); $250 (9/1/16); $250 (11/1/16); $250 (2/1/17); $300 (4/1/17); any remaining cost (5/1/17).

ACTION: Youth must reserve their place with a $200 deposit ($100 of which is non-refundable unless replaced by another participant) no later than January 18, 2016. There may be room to add youth after this point, but there is no guarantee. Adults should indicate if they are committed to attending if space is available, or just interested. Adults DO NOT need to send money now. We will finalize adult participation in the Summer/Fall of 2016 after the youth participation is settled. Read more about Philmont at:

Physical Requirements: Each participant must be able to carry a 35 (minimum) to 50+ pound pack while hiking 5 to 12 miles per day in an isolated mountain wilderness ranging from 6,500 to 12,500 feet in elevation (most days over 8,000 feet). Climatic conditions include temperatures from 30 to 90 degrees, low humidity (10-30 percent), and frequent, sometimes severe afternoon thunderstorms. Activities include horseback riding, rock climbing and rappelling, challenge events, pole climbing, black powder shooting, 12-gauge trap shooting, .30-06 shooting, trail building, mountain biking, and other activities that have potential for injury. There are strict maximum weight limits (by height) that will not be waived. 

Crew Size: 12 members consisting or 9-10 youth and 2-3 adults. No more than 3 adults will be placed on a crew unless there are no youth to fill crew vacancies. All crews must have a minimum of 2 registered and trained adults. Full crews are preferred, however, we will consider crews of 10 or more.

Philmont Meals: The 2015 Philmont trail menu can be found at: If crews or crew members are allergic to some food products, require a special diet, or have specific religious food needs, suitable food substitutions must be purchased at home and brought or shipped to Philmont. Participants require a minimum of about 3,500 calories per day. We have managed this on past crews, but recognize this is an expense that must be borne by the requiring participant(s) and can cost several hundred dollars, particularly if the entire crew must be on a special diet to accommodate one or a few individuals.

Adult Training: First Aid, CPR, Wilderness First Aid and be a registered Venturing Leader, with Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (Back Country Outdoor Leadership Skills preferred), Youth Protection, Trek Safely, and Weather Hazards. There are strict height and weight limits that will not be waived. 

Training Commitment:  Youth and adult participation in Philmont requires a commitment to a rigorous individual and crew training regimen. This is not optional as a Philmont Crew must operate as a cohesive, mentally and physically trained unit to succeed. Expect to participate in a minimum of three weekend backpacking trips of 1-2 nights each and 2-3 day hikes (with backpacks), and a final day hike or overnight trek of 10-15 miles.