Northern Tier References & FAQs

The following references and FAQs will be useful to you as a parent, adult leader or youth participant:

FAQs ...

Medical Forms

On Medical Part A, authorized adults are the adult participants of your Northern Tier Expedition.

    For Crew E063016L (June 28 - July 8): Mr. Klein and either Mr. Fisher or Mr. Rummel

    For Crew E070216F (June 30 - July 10): Mr. Florence and Mr. Ross

    For Crew A072316D (July 21/22 - 1 August): Mr. Yaffe and either Mr. Carroll or Mr. Steadley

For Medical Part B, the Unit Leader is either Mr. Brese, Crew Advisor or Mr. Margraf, Scoutmaster. The medical form is good for all scouting events, so either is acceptable.

Parental Release Forms

For the Parental Release Form, the leader's name is either Mr. Klein, Mr. Florence or Mr. Yaffe and the position is expedition leader/associate crew advisor.


Planning Meetings

  • TBD