NT 2016 Preparation Schedule

There are a lot of things to think about as you prepare for Northern Tier 2016. Please don't assume this is a perfect list of everything that needs to be completed, but if you follow this schedule, you'll be well prepared for an amazing adventure!

December 2015
  • All: Check your passport and make sure if is good through September 2016. If not, or if you do not have one, order a passport no later than February 2016.
  • Ely Crews: File Quetico Provicial Park Permit Requests
  • Adult Leaders: 
    • Identify primary adult leader (must be one of the Venture trained adults)
  • Parents: Identify dietary restrictions and pass to primary adult leader.
January 2016
  • All: 
    • $300/person payment required
    • Schedule medical exams. Schedule your medical exam to occur after January 2016, but before May 31, 2016. Your exam must be documented on the current BSA medical form and the medical professional must sign that he/she has reviewed Part D, "For high-adventure participants, I have reviewed with them the important supplemental risk advisory provided."
    • Complete Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat and Weather Hazards training on My.Scouting.
  • All Crews: Identify optional activities and planned departure date (1-2 days prior to NT arrival)
  • Adult Leaders:
    • Untrained adults identify Venture Advisor or Scoutmaster AND Introduction to Outdoor Leadership (IOLS) Training plan
    • Identify adult CPR and Wilderness First Aid training plan
    • Arrange air transportation
    • Arrange ground transportation (off-airport service recommended, i.e., Enterprise)
    • Arrange lodging based on departure dates
February 2016
  • All: 
  • Adult Leaders: Plan and publish crew classroom and on-water training schedule
March 2016
  • All:
    • $300/person payment required
    • Verify passport status; order immediately, if necessary
  • All Crews: Commence classroom training (REF: Canoeing Merit Badge)
  • Adults Leaders: 
    • Apply online for Canadian Outdoors Card and Fishing License
    • Complete adult leader, CPR and Wilderness First Aid training, if not completed previously
  • File Tour Plan
  • Mail final payment to Northern Tier
April 2016
  • All:
  • All Crews:
    • Continue classroom training
    • Commence on-water training (weather permitting)
  • Adult Leaders: 
    • Send dietary restriction card to Northern Tier
    • If necessary, plan alternate menu and food load. Turn over to allergic families for shopping and packaging
  • Inventory and stock first aid kits

May 2016
  • All: 
    • Complete BSA swim test
    • Complete parental permission slips (both parents/guardians must sign)
    • Finalize remaining administrative items
  • All Crews: Commence or continue on-water training
  • Atikokan Crews:
    • $200/person payment required
  • All Crews:
    • Conduct initial gear checks
    • Conduct initial medical and administrative checks. Verify tetanus shot within 10 years.
  • Adult Leaders:
    • Confirm transportation and lodging logistics
    • Confirm passport status; collect photocopies
June 2016
  • All Crews: 
    • Complete on-water training
    • Final gear checks
    • Final administrative audit
    • Verify alternate food load contents and packaging, if required
  • Adult Leaders:
    • Collect passports
    • Collect medical records, permission slips and CANPASS's
  • June 28: Ely Crew E063016L departs
  • June 30: 
    • Ely Crew E070216F departs
    • Ely Crew E063016L arrives Northern Tier
July 2016
  • July 1: Ely Crew E063016L departs on-water
  • July 2: Atikokan Crew 070216F arrives Northern Tier
  • July 3: Atikokan Crew 070216F departs on-water
  • July 7: Ely Crew E063016L off-water
  • July 8: Ely Crew E063016L returns home
  • July 9: Ely Crew E070216F off-water
  • July 10: Ely Crew E070216F returns home 
  • July 21: Atikokan Crew A072316D departs
  • July 23: Atikokan Crew A072316D arrives Northern Tier
  • July 24: Atikokan Crew A072316D departs on-water
  • July 31: Atikokan Crew A072316D off-water
August 2016
  • August 1: Atikokan Crew A072316D returns home