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Philmont Trek Itinerary Issued!

posted Apr 3, 2014, 4:48 PM by Robert Brese
All three of our Philmont Crews will be on itinerary #1. You can see what this challenging 56-mile trip looks like at: This is an exceptional trek with great activities, including: rock climbing, blacksmithing, a mine tour, blackpowder rifle, homesteading, archery, fly fishing, a Waite Philips Hunting Lodge Tour, a Mexican Cantina dinner and hiking in to camp over the Tooth of Time!

For the adults and scouts who want to put in some side hikes to maybe get that 100 mile ticket, there are some really good ones. Big Red is a cool hike to a peak that is literally all red rock. Lookout Peak is really nice and accessible as well ( Bonito Peak is a little more of a walk, but enjoyable ( Trail Peak is a highlight, but probably one of the longest side hikes (without doing real math yet). It's unique as it has the remnants of a crashed B-24 from 1942 on it ( Finally, Shaefer's Peak might be baggable on the way to the Tooth of Time (, especially since you come in over the Tooth. Planning out your side hike options before you arrive will be a good map reading session and will give you the opportunity to think about those opportunities.

It's going to be an awesome adventure!