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Philmont Crew Meeting: 7 PM Mon June 9

posted Jun 8, 2014, 10:09 AM by Robert Brese
We will hold a Philmont meeting at 7 PM, Monday, June 9 at BPC. We will do our best to not run over into the Troop meeting, but we might slightly. Things we’ll cover:
  1. Turn in original completed medical forms. We will take the original and a copy to Philmont and leave a copy behind with you (the family). If you (participant) have not yet completed your medical check and had the form signed by the health care provider, it is imperative that you get this scheduled. I’d like to have all of the forms in for review no later than the June 23 meeting in the event there are errors that require the health care provider to correct (there’s almost always one).
  2. Discuss Physical Conditioning. There are 6 weeks left before the first crew departs. Participants should be able to hike with a 40 lb pack for at least an hour at a time without needing to pause. Over the next six weeks, participants must be continuing their physical preparedness by hiking with a fully loaded pack at least 3 days a week for 45-60 minutes. Every week off requires up to two weeks to regain conditioning.
  3. Discuss remaining administration. Permission slips, talent release forms, activity permission slips, medications, etc. We will collect this at the June 23 Troop meeting.
  4. Discuss remaining schedule. Crew advisors will go over their remaining prep hike and overnighter schedules.
  5. Collect orders for Crew Polo shirt. We’ll discuss the Crew uniform and take orders for the Crew Polo shirt, if you do not have one. $5 for regular sizes, $50 for big or tall. You can use scout account funds to cover the cost.
Please plan to attend! June is a difficult month for scheduling with exams, SOLs, and the end of school. However, Philmont still requires your administration to be perfect and for you to be in excellent physical condition and for you to be ready to hike, cook, and camp as a tightly knot crew!
Plan to have one more Parent/Participant meeting 10-14 days before the first crew departs.