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Philmont 2014: Next Payment & Intro to Equipment Session

posted Jul 21, 2013, 10:36 AM by Robert Brese

PHILMONT 2014: Yes! It is a year away, but the second payment of $250 is due. Please make checks out to Troop 1346 (or you may use Scout Account funds) and pass to Mr. Brese. It’s not too late to join one of our Crews, especially adults as we strongly prefer to have 3 adults per crew and right now we only have the minimum of 2. We have 4 openings on the July 16-30 crew and 5 openings on the August 1-15 crew. The total cost is expected to be $1600-1800 plus personal equipment. A $500 deposit is required to catch up with payments. 

INTRODUCTION TO BACKPACKING EQUIPMENT: Philmont participants and parents of Philmont participants are encouraged to attend our Troop meeting on Monday, August 12 when Venture Crew Advisor Bob Brese will discuss backpacking equipment with the Troop, with a focus on gear planning for Philmont.