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Medical Forms for Philmont (Due Jue 15, 2014)

posted Mar 23, 2014, 9:39 AM by Robert Brese
Philmont 2014 Attendees,

The correct form for your Philmont medical examination is attached. If you have not yet seen your physician for your medical exam, please use this form. The 2012 form will be accepted, but the 2014 form is preferred. If you have not yet scheduled your exam, please do so in order to minimize the likelihood of later scheduling problems. There are no exceptions to having a completed medical form at Philmont.

Ensure you read the instructions so that all of the required checks and sign-offs are accomplished by your medical professional. Part C of the form must be completed by certified and licensed physicians (MD, DO), nurse practitioners, or physician assistants. Pages 5 and 6 of the form provide the risk advisory for Philmont.

Allergies and required medications should be clearly annotated. Your tetanus shot must be current (<10 years since last vaccination). Philmont will give you one for $50, if you show up with an out of date vaccine!

On (or about) June 14, 2014, your lead adult Crew Advisor will collect the ORIGINAL medical forms along with a copy of your medical insurance card. The originals will be turned in to Philmont at check-in and be returned following the trek. A COPY of each form will be carried by one of the adult advisors on the trail.