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posted Oct 24, 2013, 6:24 PM by Robert Brese
Crews are formed and gear is issued for the November 1-3 Hike-O-Ree! Make sure you:
  1. Choose your weekend Crew Chief
  2. Plan a backpacking menu, including a trail lunch and a 1-pot dinner
  3. Inventory your gear and make sure you add other things you need, like toilet paper, leather or canvas gloves for handling hot pots, tents, etc.
  4. Have a pack or duffel bag to carry your personal gear, share of crew gear and share of food from the car to the campsite in one trip. No plastic tubs, etc.
  5. Bring a signed consent form to the Oct 28 Troop meeting or to our departure at 5 PM (muster) on Nov 1st.
This will be an awesome time! Come dressed for the weather, including the potential for rain!