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High Adventure 2015!

posted Dec 24, 2013, 7:51 AM by Robert Brese

Selecting and preparing for our annual high adventure trips require us to begin planning more than a year in advance. I realize this is difficult, but it maximizes our opportunity to enjoy the activities at the top of our list. Below is a link to a Survey Monkey questionnaire regarding 2015 opportunities. Please complete the survey as soon as possible, preferably in the next two weeks. High Adventure trips generally run $750-$900 for a week-long adventure and $1,000 to >$1,500 for an up to two-week adventure.

Our past adventures include Northern Tier in 2012; Sea Base and a do-it-yourself WV adventure in 2013; and Philmont in 2014. Our normal BSA High Adventure Base Rotation would have us attending Northern Tier in 2015. However, the new BSA Summit Base in WV is now open with a variety of programs. Additionally, we can always build a do-it-yourself adventure without limits (other than legality and money!). If there’s a trail, lake, forest, desert, cliff, etc., there is probably something exciting to do! Previously we’ve backpacked in Montana, canoed in Maine, backpacked in New York, among others. Many BSA Councils have high adventure bases and programs.

More information about BSA’s high adventure camps may be found at (search out more on your own, too):

Youth participation in high adventure activities is limited to young men and women 14 years of age an older OR 13 years old and have completed the 8th grade. High adventure activities are physically and mentally demanding and provide an exciting additional Scouting opportunity for young women and for male Scouts who typically have already participated in summer camp for 3 or more years. Additionally, trips to BSA High Adventure Camps require early, i.e., 15-18 month commitment to maximize the opportunity to attend. Please consider this in your response.