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Final Chance: Philmont 2017: Sign-up extended to January 20

posted Jan 18, 2016, 3:56 PM by Robert Brese

Final reminder to let Mr. Brese know if your Scout is interested in Philmont 2017. You can mail a check to me at the address below (let me know it's on the way) or have the $200 deducted from your Scout Account. 

So far we have 20 Scouts signed up and we have plenty of room and interested adults to cover. If You've told me your Scout is interested and he's not on this list, let me know! Or if he's on this list and not interested!

Scout Sign-ups (alpha order):  D. Blum; G. Blum; J. Dunn; R. Faddis; C. Fisher; S. Fisher; C. Florence; L. Florence; R. Florence; J. Gearhard; L. Grinstaff; J. Hilbert; W. Kersey; A. Klein; N. Margraf; S. Morris; B. Steadley; T. Stewart; C. Tyler; M. Yaffe

There may be limited opportunities to add participants later, but no guarantee, so secure your spot now!