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Ely Crew Departure Information

posted Jul 19, 2012, 7:27 PM by Robert Brese

Ely Crews,

It’s almost time for us to depart on our adventure! Here’s some info for you as we make our final preparations.

Documentation: We’ve got a few items to collect. If you owe something, you’ve received an email from Mr. Brese!


·         Travel and “formal activities”: Green Crew Polo Shirt; Khaki pants or shorts; Belt; Socks; Shoes

·         Active Events: Crew NT T-Shirt or Red Troop T-Shirt (bring both); Khaki pants or shorts; Belt; Socks; Shoes

·         On-Water: Venturer choice (see gear list and pocket participant guide)

Gear and Equipment:

·         See the attached File for a good checklist.

·         Read your Participant Guide

·         Ask Questions

Baggage, etc.:

·         Each Crew member may have on piece of checked baggage (duffle, pack, suitcase) and one carry-on. You may bring your fishing pole as carry-on, but it cannot have any tackle attached. Put all tackle (hooks, weights, etc. in checked baggage).

·         iPods, etc. are OK for travel (not on-water). Computers, iPads, etc. are not recommended

·         Bring ~$100 and/or debit/credit card for spending money. Crew Leaders will cover meals and activity costs; we’ll settle upon return.


  • International Wolf Center
  • Soudan Underground Mine
  • North American Bear Center

Outbound Travel:

Wed, August 1

6:00-6:30 AM EDT:           Meet at Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA) for check-in (in travel uniform).

8:30 AM EDT:                     Depart Washington National (DCA), Delta Flight 2063

10:20 AM CDT:                   Arrive Minneapolis- St Paul (MSP)

11:20 AM CDT:                   Depart Minneapolis- St Paul (MSP), Delta Flight 3443

12:13 PM CDT:                   Arrive Duluth (DLH)

 ·         Lodging Wed & Thurs, August 1-2: Grand Ely Lodge, 400 North Pioneer Road, Ely, Minnesota 55731; (218)365-6565

Northern Tier Adventure:

Fri, August 3 – Sat, August 11:  Northern Tier, Charles Sommers Base, Ely, MN (on-water Sat, Aug 4 – Fri, Aug 10)

Return Travel:

Sat, Aug 11:

1:50 PM CDT:     Depart Duluth Int’l Airport (DLH), Delta Flight 4274

4:39 PM EDT:     Arrive Detroit (DTW)

5:25 PM EDT:      Depart Detroit (DTW), Delta Flight 2344

6:57 PM EDT:      Arrive Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA)


·         Daniel Rogert Base

o   Our Crew #s are E080312A (Margraf/Mullarky) and E080312B (Michaud/Haynes)

o   The Charles Sommers base is located 20.2 miles east of Ely, MN on Moose Lake.

o   (218) 365-4811 or Fax (218) 365-3112. Please limit your calls to emergency purposes only. Participants cannot be contacted while on their trek.