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High Adventure 2018!

posted Aug 22, 2017, 10:46 AM by Robert Brese

Sea Base July 23/24-30, 2018 (  Right now, we have a confirmed reservation with space for three (3) crews of six (6) youth and two (2) adults for Coral Reef Sailing at Florida Sea Base arriving Tuesday, July 24, 2018 and departing Monday, July 30, 2018. It is likely the crew will have to depart on Monday July 23, 2018 to ensure adequate travel time. That means we have room for 18 youth and 6 adults to attend Sea Base. We have 38 youth ranging in age from 13-18 who have signed up to participate. As always, we will prioritize our older Crew members first, but will adjust based on adults who commit to participate in a leadership role (see adult leaders section at the bottom). I will begin reaching out to our older Crew members and working down the list as quickly as we can to solidify crew participation prior to our next deposit due on October 1st. For more information about the Coral Reef Sailing program, see pages 41-42 of the participant guide at: Sea Base will probably cost about $1,500 per person.

ACTION: Regardless of your son's age, please let me know if you can/will commit to being one of the adult leaders on the trip.

Recognizing we cannot accommodate everyone who expressed interest, we have additional options available, all of which are dependent upon an adequate number of adults (and youth).

Summit, WV 2018 (  Summit provides a wide range of adventures that appeal to almost every Scout. The good news with Summit is that every youth can choose his/her own program, returning to the crew campground at the end of the day (there are a few exceptions to that). Additionally, adult first aid training requirements are not as stringent since BSA staff are always available for program supervision, safety and emergency response. Summit programs all run Sunday to Saturday every week of the summer and there is generally plenty of availability. Summit also serves as a great transition program between Boy Scout Summer Camp and the extended high adventure activities of Philmont, Northern Tier and Sea Base. If you are interested in attending Summit in 2018, or if you are an adult willing to take on a leadership role for a Summit crew, please let me know. Summit crews require a minimum of 4 youth and 2 adults. The cost of Summit is about $1,100 per person ($800 plus travel and incidentals).

Northern Tier 2018 (  Yes, we sent 3 crews to Northern Tier in 2016, however, Mr. Carroll has expressed interest in leading another trip in 2018. Northern Tier adventures are run out of Ely, MN or Atikokan, Ontario and are typically 8-10 day adventures, with the first and last nights in base camp. Additionally, 1-2 days of travel are typical for the trip to Northern Tier. Northern Tier crews are best formed with 6 youth and 2 adults (but may be up to 11 total if paddling out of Atikokan)). A Northern Tier staff member will accompany the crew on the entire trip. Northern Tier typically costs about $1,600 (Ely trips) to $1,800 (Atikokan trips).

Adult Participation Requirements (you have essentially a year to complete this before departure):
1. All adults must be registered members of the BSA and Crew 1346
2. All adult leaders must be current in Venturing Youth Protection Training
3. At least one adult leader in each crew must be a reasonably experienced Troop or Crew outdoor leader and:
(a) Have completed Venturing Advisor position specific training
(b) Have completed Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) and preferably Backcountry Outdoor Leadership Skills (BCOLS). These are weekend overnight courses
4. All adult leaders must hold current CPR and Wilderness First Aid certification (not required for Summit, but basic First Aid/CPR certification is strongly recommended)
5. All leaders must be current in BSA Weather Hazards training
6. All adult leaders must be current in other BSA activity specific training associated with the itinerary (i.e., trek safely, climb on safely, safe swim defense, safety afloat, etc.)

If you have questions, please feel free to ask me, Mr. Margraf, Mr. Duffy or one of the other experienced leaders in the Troop or Crew.


Mr. Brese

Philmont Medical Exams

posted Apr 2, 2017, 1:32 PM by Robert Brese

This is a reminder that every participant must have a completed medical form dated no later than August 10, 2016, and preferably one dated later than January 2017 (within 6 months of Philmont).

Like summer camp, this form must be signed by a medical professional. A Tetanus vaccination must be within 10 years and while other vaccinations are not mandatory, we need your vaccination status filled in (not just attached) as this helps the Philmont medical staff fully understand the medical condition of each participant. Please contact me if you need a vaccination exemption request form.

Also, the medical professional must review the Philmont risk advisory and mark "True" that "For high-adventure participants, I have reviewed with them the important supplemental risk advisory provided".

If at all possible, please have your medical examination completed by May 31, 2017. If you cannot, please let your lead advisor and Mr. Brese know the date of your scheduled examination.

The required form is attached. You may already have this form at home on obtained it online, but please make sure you are using the form marked "2014 Printing" at the bottom right.

Philmont 2017 Planning Meeting: Sep 22, 2016

posted Sep 18, 2016, 11:19 AM by Robert Brese   [ updated Sep 18, 2016, 11:37 AM ]

Our first Philmont 2017 planning meeting will be 7-8:30 PM Thursday, September 22 at BPC in the cottage. Attached is the presentation we will cover. Please feel free to bring your own copy for note-taking! And, come with your questions.

We have 24 youth and 6 adults signed up. We can add up to 3 more youth and 3 more adults for a total contingent of 36 participants. The sign-up list is included in the attached presentation.

For the adults, please mark Sat/Sun Oct 22 or 23 to attend a 1-day training session at the Marriott Scout Center and Wed, Oct 26 to attend an evening workshop at Camp T. Brady Saunders. These will be the only Philmont-specific training sessions offered in our area by the Philmont Training Center Staff and will be incredibly valuable to your success as an adult leader on the trek.

There is also an opportunity for participants to join the NCAC Venturing Hike-o-Ree Oct 28-30 for a Leave No Trace backpacking weekend in Front Royal.

Finally, we need to bring all participants deposits up to a total of $550. For the youth who previously made a $200 deposit, the additional payment due now is $350.

Final Chance: Philmont 2017: Sign-up extended to January 20

posted Jan 18, 2016, 3:56 PM by Robert Brese

Final reminder to let Mr. Brese know if your Scout is interested in Philmont 2017. You can mail a check to me at the address below (let me know it's on the way) or have the $200 deducted from your Scout Account. 

So far we have 20 Scouts signed up and we have plenty of room and interested adults to cover. If You've told me your Scout is interested and he's not on this list, let me know! Or if he's on this list and not interested!

Scout Sign-ups (alpha order):  D. Blum; G. Blum; J. Dunn; R. Faddis; C. Fisher; S. Fisher; C. Florence; L. Florence; R. Florence; J. Gearhard; L. Grinstaff; J. Hilbert; W. Kersey; A. Klein; N. Margraf; S. Morris; B. Steadley; T. Stewart; C. Tyler; M. Yaffe

There may be limited opportunities to add participants later, but no guarantee, so secure your spot now!

Philmont 2017 Reminder: Sign-up by January 18

posted Jan 9, 2016, 2:41 PM by Robert Brese

Just a reminder to sign your youth up (and express adult interest) for Philmont 2017 with a $200 deposit. See the past emails or for more information. To date, we have 10 youth who have expressed interest with a deposit, which is only one crew. We have plenty of space (up to 72 participants), but must commit and deliver our deposit for a specific number of (preferably) 10-12 person crews consisting of 7-10 youth and 2-3 adults by the end of January.

Philmont is a life-changing experience, so don't miss out! Please email and hand me a check (or use your scout account) at Monday's meeting or mail to my home.

Reserve Philmont 2017 Spot by January 18, 2016!

posted Jan 4, 2016, 2:06 PM by Robert Brese   [ updated Jan 4, 2016, 2:07 PM ]

Scouts, reserve your spot for Philmont 2017 by January 18, 2016 with a $200 check. Adults please express your level of interest and commitment in attending as a leader, but do not send money now. Read more at

Northern Tier 2016 Information Posted

posted Nov 15, 2015, 11:42 AM by Robert Brese   [ updated Nov 15, 2015, 11:43 AM ]

Please be sure to check out all the information at the Northern Tier 2016 link on the left menu bar. The trip preparation schedule is also available as is a concise list of planning resources! If you have questions, please contact Mr. Brese or your crew adult leader.

Philmont 2017 Interest Survey - due Nov 14, 2015

posted Oct 31, 2015, 11:53 AM by Robert Brese

Crew and Potential Crew Members,

Yes, it's a long way away, however, it is time to put in our reservation request for Philmont 2017. Philmont ( is the premier BSA high adventure base (even if I personally prefer Northern Tier!) and participating in a 12-day backpacking adventure is a life-changing experience. My boys and I have 6 Philmont treks between us and every one was special.

If you are interested, NO LATER THAN SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2015, fill out the SurveyMonkey survey at: Based upon interest, I will submit our reservation request with Philmont.

DO NOT SEND MONEY! If we are awarded one or more treks, we will have a second call for participants in December and fill slots, by lottery, if necessary. First payments will be due in mid-January 2016.

Who Can Participate: 2017 Philmont participants must be 14 years of age (by date of arrival) OR completed the 8th grade and be at least 13 years of age by date of participation. Recommendation: While it is difficult to predict youth height/weight 20 months in advance, youth who might be expected to be under 5 feet tall and 100 lbs should consider waiting an additional year to participate.

Physical Requirements: Each participant must be able to carry a 35 (minimum) to 50+ pound pack while hiking 5 to 12 miles per day in an isolated mountain wilderness ranging from 6,500 to 12,500 feet in elevation (most days over 8,000 feet). Climatic conditions include temperatures from 30 to 90 degrees, low humidity (10-30 percent), and frequent, sometimes severe afternoon thunderstorms. Activities include horseback riding, rock climbing and rappelling, challenge events, pole climbing, black powder shooting, 12-gauge trap shooting, .30-06 shooting, trail building, mountain biking, and other activities that have potential for injury. There are strict maximum weight limits (by height) that will not be waived.

Crew Size: 12 members consisting or 9-10 youth and 2-3 adults. No more than 3 adults will be placed on a crew unless there are no youth to fill crew vacancies. All crews must have a minimum of 2 registered and trained adults. Full crews are preferred, however, we will consider crews of 10 or more.

Philmont Meals: The 2015 Philmont trail menu can be found at: If crews or crew members are allergic to some food products, require a special diet, or have specific religious food needs, suitable food substitutions must be purchased at home and brought or shipped to Philmont. Participants require a minimum of about 3,000 calories per day. We have managed this on past crews, but recognize this is an expense that must be borne by the requiring participant(s) and can cost several hundred dollars, particularly if the entire crew must be on a special diet to accommodate one or a few individuals.

Adult Training: First Aid, CPR, Wilderness First Aid and be a registered Venturing Leader, with Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (Back Country Outdoor Leadership Skills preferred), Youth Protection, Trek Safely, and Weather Hazards. There are strict height and weight limits that will not be waived.

Cost: Total $1,500-1,700 per person: $750 Philmont Fee, $450-650 airfare, $300+/- other expenses. The cost of personal equipment such as boots ($125-200), backpack ($250-300) and other clothing and gear is extra.

Training Commitment:  Youth and adult participation in Philmont requires a commitment to a rigorous individual and crew training regimen. This is not optional as a Philmont Crew must operate as a cohesive, mentally and physically trained unit to succeed. Expect to participate in a minimum of three weekend backpacking trips of 1-2 nights each and 2-3 day hikes (with backpacks), and a final day hike or overnight trek of 10-15 miles.

I look forward to seeing the responses! We have sent nearly 200 youth and adults to Philmont over the past 15 years and everyone comes back having had an amazing time!

Mr. Brese

Advisor, Crew 1346

Nov 11 (7 PM): Northern Tier 2016 Participant and Parent Meeting

posted Oct 25, 2015, 11:15 AM by Robert Brese   [ updated Nov 5, 2015, 11:29 AM ]

We will have a participant and parents meeting for Northern Tier 2016 at 7 PM Wednesday, November 11 at Living Savior Lutheran Church, 5500 Ox Rd, Fairfax Station in Klein Hall. 

We'll cover:

  • Crew composition
  • Registration and training requirements
  • Planning schedule
  • Transportation planning requirements and assignments (air, car, lodging)
  • Optional activities
  • Administrative requirements
  • Equipment
  • Budget and payments (collect outstanding payments)
  • Other items of interest

Please check back at this website for references and information which will be posted under the Northern Tier 2016 tab.

WV Summit (July 12-18, 2015)

posted Jan 10, 2015, 5:26 AM by Robert Brese

We have confirmed a Summit WV ( high adventure trip for the week of July 12-18, 2015.  You may choose to participate in either the Summit Experience OR the River Program.  Venturers may choose either program and will camp together, but will break into groups (if and as needed) for their daytime program.  Expect to leave from Burke very early July 12 and return the evening of July 18.

Sign-ups and a $250 deposit are due no later than January 19, 2015. We need a minimum of 7 participants, including at least 2 adults!

Summit Experience (Estimated Cost $1000 total): This is a seven-day/six night program running Sunday to Saturday. It consists of half-day introductory level experiences at each of the nine Summit high adventure venues. The Bows: archery (static, trail & sporting arrows courses); The Barrels: shotgun, rifle & pistol shooting; The Park: skate (vert ramps, half pipe, bowls & plaza); The Trax: BMX (pump, downhill, flat & jump tracks); The Zip: 3200 foot zip line; The Canopy: 3.5 hour forested canopy tours; Low Gear: 19 cross country mountain bike trails; The Ropes: 4 horizontal & one vertical challenge courses; and kayaking on Bravo Lake. In addition, each group will perform a half-day service project and have the chance to ride The Big Zip – our 3⁄4 mile zip line. In addition, each night (Monday-Friday), the Scott Summit Center will be open for activities, fun and socializing. The Scout Summit Center incorporates small versions of our adventure sports venues.

River Program (Estimated Cost $1200 total): This is a seven-day/six night program running Sunday to Saturday. It consists of one day of kayaking instruction at the Summit where BSA will assess what you already know and then, add to your skill set. Then, you will go for a day of kayaking the Upper New River followed by a day rafting the legendary Lower New with its world-renown Class III to Class V whitewater. As a bonus, each member of the crew will be able to select three additional elective activities at other Summit adventure venues (Scouts can choose their preference, the crew does not have to all do the same three). A half-day service project and a ride on the Big Zip – our 3⁄4 mile zip line – round out your week. Each night (Monday-Friday), the Scott Summit Center will be open for activities, fun and socializing. 

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